Lo​-​Fi Digital Dream Amplification

by City of the Asleep

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The final installment of EPs from the post-nervous-breakdown creative spree. This one is more or less angst-free, mostly written during the cold winter months, with the emphasis mostly on beat and texture. Vocals are mostly spoken, heavily-processed, non-melodic. Lots of weird rhythmical stuff happening here. The theme is all drowsy delirium and drunken stumbling through cold after-hours streets, being a fugitive from sleep.


released May 4, 2016




City of the Asleep Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Inky Rivers

In your bed
Floating on
Dark water
Beneath the moon

Carried through
Familiar streets
Empty now
Of memories

Wind blows
Through sighing leaves
Whispers of
Forgotten dreams

Street lights
Flicker on

A book with pages
You cannot read
Because the words
Won’t lie still

Clocks with wings
And shifting faces
Line the trees
And watch you pass

The inky river
You’re floating in
Gives way
To a great abyss

Still you float
Upon your bed
Higher still
Upon the wind

A rush of faces
You almost know
Speak in voices
Just like your own

Telling you
To disappear
Into the city
Beneath your thoughts

The ghost of sleep
Shakes its chains
As your vessel
Falls away

And down you go.
Track Name: Take a Bath
From dreams I scrape a chemical faith
A coat of useful lies
Words are slurred and lines are blurred
In the world behind my eyes

The liquid flows from down below
and beckons me to laugh
The well runs deep to the depths of sleep
I think I’ll take a bath

I’m floating in a pool of anesthetic bliss
I’m nursing on the milk of unconsciousness
I know that it’s a poison, but I’m trying to forget
If death is at the bottom, I should savor every sip
Track Name: Hypnogogic Tedium
A wise man once said “sleep is but a doorway”.
All things begin and end beneath the sheets.
Thoughts like a wheel, repetitive tasks of the day echoing in muscles.
This tedious. This is tedious.

Hovering inches above the ground, a tide ebbs quietly in the background.
No rest for the wicked, and something wicked this way comes.
Fighting against what is necessary, how to amass enough meaning to sink?
This is tedious.
Track Name: Lull
Have I done enough today, to deserve to sleep?
The house is a mess, but at least I have food for the week.
Tomorrow has come too soon. Time must be speeding up.
Counting the days gone by, the past is a tangle.
I am poorer now than I’ve ever been, poorer of spirit, poorer of heart,
but rich in conviction, not to be a tragedy.
When the end comes, will I have done enough then?
That is my fear…that all of it will not add up
to something eternal.
Softly, the chaos outside, finds some comfort, in the light of the moon.
The wheels are turning, and will continue turning.
I fear that comfort, but cannot deny it. Let me sleep.